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Custom Engineered Design-Build Solutions simplifies and streamlines the entire building process to save you time and money. With a design-build solution utilizing Butler, you have a single reliable source for every aspect of the construction process from the design to the construction completion. It’s the ideal way to increase communication, eliminate extra steps, condense timelines, and add bottom-line savings.
Design Build Method

  • Single-source responsibility
  • Greater process control, with costs established sooner
  • Reduction in overall construction schedule
  • Improved risk management
  • Greater cost-effectiveness

Design Flexibility

A Butler® building system offers virtually unlimited flexibility with regard to your building design—from distinctive exterior aesthetic options to functional interior configurations. You can also choose a hybrid solution that combines conventional building materials with the efficiencies of systems construction.

  • Rigid frame design facilitates virtually any building size and shape
  • Exterior options include stucco, brick, and glass, in addition to Butler’s selection of metal wall panel systems
  • Clearspan and longbay structural systems create large areas of uninterrupted space to maximize productivity
  • Flexibility to install the weathertight MR-24® roof system, the industry’s finest standing-seam roof system with over 40 years of proven in-place performance

Schedule Compression

One of the greatest advantages of Butler® systems construction is its ability to reduce your construction schedule. In fact, building a Butler® building system has been shown to reduce construction times by up to 30% versus conventional building methods.

  • All Butler® structural steel is precision engineered using state-of-the-art computer modeling to facilitate faster assembly in the field
  • A design-build solution from your Butler Builder® eliminates third parties to streamline construction and further condense construction schedules
  • Regionally located manufacturing plants allow for shorter shipping distances and faster delivery times
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