as the start of a long term relationship

Project Management

Clients are Assigned a Specific Project Manager who Focuses on the Personal Attention


All new clients are assigned a specific project manager who focuses on the personal attention and details specific to the client, program, or process. As each project begins, a schedule is prepared, goals are set, tasks are defined, and timetables are prepared for each phase of both the design and construction of the project. Project teams consisting of a Project Manager, Architects, Entitlement (Permitting) Specialists, Engineers, Designers, Surveyors, Construction Managers, and support personnel are selected based upon the scope of the project. The Project Manager coordinates the efforts of the project team and works with the client to address individual aspects of the project to develop a well-structured design plan. Through a variety of methods, DDC’s staff works as a team to create innovative, efficient and dynamic plans for projects. This process is aided with the latest technology in hardware and software. In addition, project personnel maintain close contact with jurisdictional and regulatory agencies to ensure that government requirements are met. Emphasis is placed not only on the “constructability” of the design, but the future maintenance of it. Our goal is to grow and establish a long term partnership with the client while focusing on lowering costs and accelerating schedules.

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